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Allegran Grinding & Polishing Discs

aka-allegran fine grinding discsAka-Allegrans are ideal for materials above 150HV. Colour coded Aka-Allegrans provide high stock removal, long life and perfect planeness due to the integrated diamond abrasive which is released when a diamond suspension is applied.

Using diamond enhanced Aka-Allegran 9, you can replace several fine grinding steps, typically P320 to P1200 with just one. 

Using diamond enhanced Aka-Allegran 3 you can replace a 3 micron polishing cloth and benefit from reduced preparation times and plane samples while retaining soft phases such as steel inclusions.

Aka-Allegran 1 replaces the final polishing step resulting in outstanding flatness regardless of how many phases your specimen may contain.

For materials softer than 150HV we recommend Aka-Largan.

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