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Clemex CMT Lite

Aptex are delighted to offer a great solution for extending the life of your favourite Vickers or Micro Vickers hardness tester.

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Good Afternoon Sally & Jon

At Aptex we are always striving to meet and hopefully exceed our customers requirements. It is always nice when we receive emails like this:

"I have successfully received the items, I would like to thank you for your fast processing and shipment actions".

Every company is attemping to put in place procedures that help their customers, this just shows at Aptex we are hitting the button.

Want to give Aptex a try, please contact Jon on 07896 125424 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CF250A 12" Manual &/or Automatic Abrasive Cutter

The latest 12" Cut Off Machine from TopTech is the CF250A.

The CF250A has been modified so that the cut off machine now incorporates Z axis cutting as well as our usual Y direction

The lighting is now internal LED lighting and the sides have been made to allow through cutting options if required

They have a cutting depth of 250mm in the Y direction and 200mm in the Z axis
Standard traffic light indicators for observation
Ventilation port as standard
The magnetic cleaning spray gun stores in any location.cut-off machine

They are supplied with an 80L recirculating tank on wheels, stored conveniently inside the cabinet with a superb viewing window to see the coolant levels.

The machine is supplied with a T slot bed so that the correct vice arrangement can be selected
Multiple vice options available please refer to the brochure

Is programmed for auto-return at the end of the cut cycle.

CF250A Brochure

Or click here to see a video of the CF250A machine in action.

Training Courses

Aptex are delighted to offer a range of training courses at our demonstration facility at the Venture Centre, The University of Warwick Science Park, Sir William Lyons Road, Coventry. CV4 7EZ.

We will be running a 2 Day course on Smarter Preparation - the fundamentals of metallography in 2019

The course will examine the theory behind the world of metallography, question what we do and why we do it, and be supported by practical work in our laboratory. It will cover aspects of cutting, mounting, grinding & polishing. 

A one day course on Smarter Looking - when we will examine the fundamentals of microscopy also in 2019

This course will help in getting the best out of optical microscopy and an introduction into Imaging 


A one day course on Smarter Sizing - when we will look at the use of Image Analysis, both manual and automated again new dates will be published for 2019

This course continues the work on the Smarter Looking course and looks at what is possible with Image Analysis and how smarter sizing can improve consistency and increase sample throughput.

The 2 day course costs £350+ VAT without accomodation and the 1 day courses £150 + VAT

Courses will run subject to a minimum attendance 

Cancellation of places within 14 days of the course will be subject to the full fee being payable

Course details will be emailed on request

"Lightning fast" USB 3.0 camera

An existing Clemex Captiva imaging system user recently bought a second system with one of the new USB 3.0 superspeed digital cameras. At the installation and training session he was amazed.
He described his new camera system as lightning fast compared to his old one.

In fact, he is so impressed, he's planning to upgrade the other system to the new camera so that both systems will be operating on a par.

For more about this amazingly powerful camera.

Impressive long-lasting, clean-cutting wheels

I have just taken your cutting wheel off not because anything was wrong with it but because of the fact that it had worn down.

The wheel has lasted 3 weeks of everyday use, which is brilliant - about twice as long as the wheels I usually use.
Basically, it made around 370 cuts, the big surprise was how clean the cut was hardly any polishing was required.

Overall I am extremely pleased how the wheel has performed and have passed my thoughts on the matter to my manager.

Andy Crawford

June 2015

Save 30% in time and money - case study

In a recent test one of our customers compared their existing Struers sample preparation route with our standard stainless steel prep route. Whilst they were reasonably satisfied with their existing Struers prep route, they were prepared to try our suggested route. To their amazement, they not only improved the consistency and quality of results but also reduced the preparation time by almost a third (32%).

Needless to say, they immediately initiated the paperwork to update their formal procedures to enable them to switch consumables and change the prep route to our much more cost effective solution.

In this case, a simple switch to one of our routes was ideal, in other cases, the standard route might not fit with the customer's existing equipment. We are happy to adapt these routes to work for our customers, and are happy to develop completely new routes to meet customer needs. Contact us to discuss how we could help you.

We have a wide range of material specific preparation routes. Each shows the steps required, alongside images of what the sample should look like after each stage.

Aluminium sample prep route phenomenal

A customer experiemented swapping from their long established Struers OPS aluminium sample preparation route to a tailor-made route we devised for them.

We recommended using Aka-Lube Red lubricant at the diamond polishing stage, followed by colloidal silica with an Aka-Chemal cloth.

They were rather sceptical but felt there could be no harm in giving something different a try.
However, they were wowed. They told us: "The result on our aluminium samples is phenomenal”.

January 2015
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