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Clemex CMT Lite

Aptex are delighted to offer a great solution for extending the life of your favourite Vickers or Micro Vickers hardness tester. hardness testers

These images show what we have done to a Pedestal Vickers but our solution is compatible with most hardness testers.

In compliance with ASTM E384 and ISO 6507 hardness standards. Clemex Lite provides multiple adaptors to ensure we can connect the camera to a vast number of hardness testers. Some connections are made by removing the eyepiece, others connect over the eyepiece but this gives multiple options.

The camera and software now provide a great measuring platform for Vickers  and Micro Vickers machines .The measurement can be made automatically or manually but it is precise and reproducible. The system automatically cumualtes and displays data in the Results wIndow.

The solution also includes a Free Run feature that allows you to make more than one indent on a sample, at will, and obtain statistically relevant results. 

A video showing the basic operation can be seen on our YouTube channel here

The Clemex CMT Lite brochure can be downloaded here