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Save 30% in time and money - case study

In a recent test one of our customers compared their existing Struers sample preparation route with our standard stainless steel prep route. Whilst they were reasonably satisfied with their existing Struers prep route, they were prepared to try our suggested route. To their amazement, they not only improved the consistency and quality of results but also reduced the preparation time by almost a third (32%).

Needless to say, they immediately initiated the paperwork to update their formal procedures to enable them to switch consumables and change the prep route to our much more cost effective solution.

In this case, a simple switch to one of our routes was ideal, in other cases, the standard route might not fit with the customer's existing equipment. We are happy to adapt these routes to work for our customers, and are happy to develop completely new routes to meet customer needs. Contact us to discuss how we could help you.

We have a wide range of material specific preparation routes. Each shows the steps required, alongside images of what the sample should look like after each stage.