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Mag-Silk 6 - 1um polishing cloth

Mag-Silk is a magnetic 100% natural silk polishing cloth specially developed to use withmultiple diamond suspensions as well as Diamaxx combined suspension and lubricant.

Aka-Silk and Mag-Silk are made of 100% natural silk and are especially suited for polishing of samples where flatness and edge retention have the highest priority. Compared to artificial materials natural silk is much stronger and has therefore also a longer lifetime.

The Silk cloth is recommended for use with diamonds from 9 to 0.25 μm.

With 9 μm the Silk cloths can be used for fine-grinding of ferrous metals.

Materials with a hardness higher than 150 HV are polished with 3 or 1 μm diamonds on the Silk cloth because of the outstanding flatness and edge retention achieved.

For the final polishing of materials with coatings, 0.25 μm diamonds are use to get a scratch-free finish and perfect edge retention. 

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