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Clemex CMT - retro-fit hardness testing image analysis

If you already have a hardness tester then Clemex CMT may be the solution for you.

The Clemex CMTHD will accurately measure Vickers indents on Vickers  Hardness Testers in compliance with ASTM E384 and ISO 6507 standards
It can be retrofit onto virtually any tester and can be supplied with PC or laptop. In addition to the high resolution camera all the cables and adapters needed are supplied, so it is up and running right out of the box.

In just 4 steps, you can have statistically valid results:

Step 1 - see the entire sample
Place the sample in the sample-holder or just flat on the stage platen.
Build single or multiple traverses/patterns.
Clemex CMT.Lite will tell you exactly where to position the stage micrometer to follow horizontal, vertical and even angled traverses.

Step 2 - position the indent.
Position the stage precisely using Clemex CMT’s built-in cross-hairs and then make the indent.

Step 3 - measure.
Rotate the turret to the measuring objective and click on the Measure button.
Results are automatically tabulated.
Clemex CMT not only offers higher resolution images than the competition, it can also compare how sharp an image is compared to previously viewed images. In addition, the Focus Meter takes the subjectivity out of focusing the image and provides the sharpest image possible.

Step 4 - get the results.
Review the results in graphical and/or tabular format. Export results to the spreadsheet application of your choice, or simply print standard or customised reports.

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