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AltoCut CK200B 10inch Manual &/or Automatic Cut-Off Machines

TopTech CK200B wet abrasive 10" cut-off machineAltoCut-CK200B and CK200 represent the smallest of our freestanding abrasive cutters.

The CK200 has been modified so that the cut off machine now incorporates T-slot beds for multiple vice options

The lighting is now internal LED lighting and the sides have been opened up to let more light in

They have a cutting depth of 200mm.

The magnetic cleaning spray gun stores in any location.

They are supplied with an 40L recirculating tank on wheels, stored conveniently inside the cabinet.

They come with two quick locking cam operated clamping vices.

Are programmed for auto-return at the end of the cut cycle.

The CK200B is both manual and automatic.

Its cousin, the CK200, is purely manual.

AltoCut-CK200 & 200B brochure

If you would like to see the CK200B in action, we have one in our laboratory and can happily arrange a demonstration using your own samples.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a convenient date.