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AltoCut CK260B/360B/460B 12-16" Manual &/or Automatic Cut-Off Machines

AltoCut-CK260B, CK360B & CK460B represent newer updates of our freestanding abrasive cutters. The CK260B being a 12" machine and the CK360B either 12" or upto to 16" and the CK460B being a 16" machine.

TopTech CK260B CK360B CK460B wet abrasive 12-16" cut-off machinesAll machines take the same basic design but obviously motor and capacities vary depending on the machine.

All cutters have been modified so that the cut off machine now incorporates T-slot beds for multiple vice options

Choices of motor vary between 3HP & 10HP depending on materials and sizes that need to be sectioned.

The lighting is now internal LED lighting and the sides have been opened up to let more light in

The CK260B has a vice bed travel of 260mm. CK360B has a travel of 360mm & the CK460B 460mm

The magnetic cleaning spray gun stores in any location.  
Recirculation Tanks are 100L or 120L and fit right under the machine, however other recirculation filter options are available 

Feed speeds are adjustable between 10 - 150 mm per minute for automatic cutting and manual cutting can be achieved either with the hand wheel or button control

The CK260/360B/460B brochure can be downloaded here

Need a demonstration, we have a CK260B in our demonstration facity at the University of Warwick Science Park. Contact us to arrange a visit