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AltoCut CF260S - CF450S Large Freestanding Wet Abrasive Cutters

AltoCut CF260S - CF450S Large Freestanding Wet Abrasive Cutters

The AltoCut-CF series of wet abrasive cutters all offer both manual and fully automated cutting.

They can also handle long and heavy work pieces as the large doors enable easy loading and the vice-bed allows complete flexibility for clamping.

The working platform accommodates a variety of sample sizes.

It enables Z axis cutting.

The magnetic cleaning spray gun stores in any location.

The machine is supplied with an 120L-160L recirculating tank on wheels, stored conveniently inside the cabinet. Alternatively, band filter options are available.

The hydraulic operation system allows for speed consistency.

Its corrosion resistant construction ensures a long life.

There are three machines in the AltoCut CF series:
  • The 260S is the smallest using a 12" (305mm) cutting disc cutting pieces up to 90mm in diameter.
  • The 360S uses a 16" (406mm) disc and can cut up to a maximum diameter of 120mm.
  • The 450S is the largest in this range using up to a 20"(508mm) disc and cutting up to 150mm in diameter with a maximum depth of 450mm

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