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Bench Mounted Preciso CL Series CL50C(10")/CL70C(12")

The new desktop manual wet abrasive cut-off machine has been developed by TopTech for general purpose metallography.Bench Mounted Preciso CL Series CL50C &CL70C cut off machines

The bench mounted manual wet abrasive cut-off machines are designed for general purpose metallurgical cutting.
Machines are available in 250mm or 300mm versions

The fixed speed spindle (variable speed optional) allows plenty of space for components and the machine is deliverd with twin vices.

A large 50L coolant tank provides ample coolant for the cooling of the cutting process, with the jets fixed directly to the wheel cover

As with all TopTech machines it is sturdy, corrosion resistant and efficient.
We were very impressed with how clean a cut it produced time after time on a wide variety of quite tricky materials.

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TopTech Preciso CL50C/70C brochure