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Preciso CLM50 8" Precision Cut Off Machine

Preciso-CL Series CLM50 represents the latest addition for automatic precision cutting.

TopTech CLM50 Precision wet abrasive 3-8" cut-off machinesThe CLM50 is designed with standard X cutting (upto a limit of 200mm) and Z cutting (upto a limit of 50mm) but also has an option for serial cutting Y (upto a limit of 80mm)

The CLM50 has T-slot beds for multiple vice options and a variable speen motor of 50 - 500 rpm

The CLM50 operates with wheel sizes of 3" - 8" and has a twin arbor of 12.7 or 25.4 mm to accomodate multiple wheels

Automatic cutting is varaible between 0.01 and 5 mm per second, which is also the same for manual cutting when the operation uses the joystick to move the stage.

The CLM50 is illuminated by a powerful LED light to make it easy to observe the cutting. It is also supplied with laser alignment that helps the user get the correct starting position on the sample.

The magnetic cleaning spray gun stores in any location.

They are supplied with an 50L recirculating tank on wheels.

They come with two quick locking operated clamping vices.

Preciso CLM50 brochure