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Preciso Desktop Cut-Off Machines

Our Preciso range of desktop cut-off machines consists of three machines:

The Preciso-CL100A is the most versatile and powerful of the range.desktop abrasive cutters

It is an automatic cutter with touchpanel control with a programmable function.

It enables easy and quick positioning of samples for sectioning.

It can cut in two directions with variable speed control.

It has a large cutting capacity using either an abrasive cut-off disc, or a diamond wafering blade.

Preciso-CL100A brochure

The Preciso-CL40 is a low-speed precision cutter ideal for sectioning delicate materials.desktop abrasive cutter

It uses 3" to 5" cutting discs (75-125mm).

Has variable speed wheel control from 0-400 rpm.

Provides horizontal vernier control of 25mm.

Has auto shut-off at end of the cut.

Preciso-CL40 brochure

The Preciso-CL50 is a larger capacity desktop precision cutter.It accepts wheels of 3" to 7" diameter (75-175mm).

abrasive cutter
Has variable speed control from 150-2000 rpm.

Provides horizontal vernier control of 40mm.

Has auto shut-off at end of the cut.

Preciso-CL50 brochure