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Plato E Series F-M1 Grinder Polisher

If the number of samples you need to prepare each day is low, then a manual polisher is a cost effective option.grinding polishing machine

Manual grinder polisher mean that you get uneven pressure as you hold the sample to the platen.
This translates into taking longer to get the perfect plane sample.
The clever engineers at TopTech have thought about this problem and come up with an amzing piece of kit to eradicate
that problem. Having used it, we can atest to its effectivenenss.
The Plato E series has the option of a sample holding arm. This converts a manual grinder polisher into a semi automatic one.
No more variation in hand preparation quality. 
All grinding and fine grinding systems that were never really designed to hand preparation are now available for use
It is a simple but elegant solution to a practical problem

If you would like to watch a video of this machine please click here to go to our You Tube channel.

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