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Plato-R Automatic Grinding Polishing Machine

The Plato-R range of semi-automatic grinder polishers all offer: Plato-R Automatic Grinding Polishing Machine
  • Programmable and automatic operation
  • A patented stock removal option.Plato-R Automatic Grinding Polishing Machine
  • Precise stock removal control with sample holder use to 0.1mm.
  • Variable speed control from 50 to 600rpm.
  • Two-way platten rotation to ensure even polishing.
  • Adjustable positioning of the stainless steel water pipe.
  • Quick release sample holder for 3 or 5 samples.
  • High quality bearings for trouble free use
They are available in 200mm, 250mm and 300mm sizes.

Plato-R Automatic Grinding Polishing Machine

An optional micrometer can be positioned on the top.

Twin wheel versions are available with a twin motor option.

Plato-R Automatic Grinder Polisher MachineIf you would like to watch a video of this machine please click here to go to our You Tube channel.

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