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Clemex Imaging Video Guides

If you are unsure how some of the automated analysis equipment works, take at look at these video presentations from Clemex.

1. Clemex CMT HD - Hardness Testing Solution
This is a micro and/or macro Vickers hardness testing solution.

2. Clemex PS Filter System - Particle Contamination Counting
Residues and particles analyzer. The system can handle standard size circular paper filters, patches, witness plates and membranes.The system is compliant with the following methods: ISO 16232, ISO 4406, ISO 4407, USP 788, IEST STD CC 1246D.

3. WBC Differential & RBC Characterisation Solution
Clemex Hematology System for WBC Differential, RBC characterization, white blood cell analysis and platelet count.

4. Clemex Powder Disperser Presentation

See how easy it is to get a uniform dispersal of powder for particle size.

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