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Image analysis guides

We have many routines and reports that have been successfully used over the years. Please click on the links below to get details of a selection of reports we have available. If you need a report to be developed for a particlar test This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll be happy to help.

Alloy analysis
Area percentage of phases
Gamma prime particle analysis

Aluminium analysis
Anodized aluminium - grain identification
Area percentage of phases
Dendritic arm spacing
Grain size in anodized aluminium
Grain size in pure aluminium
Porosity analysis
Seat racks analysis
Grain size characterisation of aluminium alloy
agnesium silicide particles in aluminium

Brass and copper analysis
Grain size on brass or copper

Cast iron analysis
Porosity analysis

Ceramic analysis
Particle sizing on ceramic powder

Cleanliness and debris analysis
Engine oil filter debris

Coating analysis
Thermal spray coating 
Thickness of inconel
Thickness measurements
Brass pigment analysis
Packaging material triple coating thickness

Fibre Analysis
Fibre analysis
Length distribution of glass fibres
Morphology characterisation of cotton fibres

Foam analysis
Porosity analysis of styrene foam
Cell sizing in extruded foam

Mineral analysis
Component liberation analysis
Reflectance characterisation
lag phase analysis

Particle sizing, classification and distribution
Tin ball classification
Fusion particle distribution

Powder materials
Powder analysis
Strontium ferrite characterisation

Steel analysis
Area percentage of ferrite
Banding analysis - ASTM E1268
Carbide banding analysis
Carbides shape, sizes - mean free path
Grain size analysis
Grain Size in Steel
Red rust analysis
Depth of decarburization of steel

Titanium analysis
Grain size characteristion of titanium
Alpha grain characterisation of titanium
Titanium alloy phase analysis