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Specific image analysis routines - additional application packages

In addition to the routines available within the various image analysis packages, there are some additional ones which provide a useful shortcut to fast results for particular tests. 

There are four groups of pre-configured imaging routines which allow users to get results quickly and with very little input. It is simply a case of setting up your camera, loading the routine from the application package, modifying it if necessary and clicking start. Results appear a few seconds later. 

Grain size analysis

Most commonly used in testing metal grain sizing, this suite of routines will not only show size, shape and distribution. It will also show volume percentage of alpha grains, aspect ratio and orientaion of different phases, minimum and maximum grain length and intercepts and boundaries.

Typical examples include: grain sizing in titaniumanodized aluminiumpure aluminiumsteel and brass and copper

Phase analysis

These routines have been developed to determine phase area percentage within various particles, for example, of fine, medium and coarse magnesium silicide particles in aluminium. Dual phases in materials can be distinguished, measured and banded according to recognised standards. Measurable parameters include: area, length, perimeter, mean, horizontal and vertical chord, area percentage, count, density and aspect ratio.

Example routines include: Phase area percent in aluminium, in magnet and in steelbanding in dual phase steel and rust area percent in steel.

Particle analysis 

The particle sizing package is designed for use with a wide range of particles including bubbles, fibres, rough particles, blood cells, smooth particles, spheres in liquids and spheres.

Parameters include: area, count, circumference, diameter, length, width, feret average, sphericity, roundness and aspect ratio.

Typical example routines include: carbides shape, sizes and mean free pathgamma prime particle analysisstrontium ferrite characterization; cell sizing in extruded foam and tin ball classification.

Layer thickness analysis

The layer thickness package accurately measures multiple layers of both similar and differing types along with depth.distribution.

Parameters include: length, mean width and mean vertical chord.

Typical example routines include: inconel coating thickness; thickness of outerlayer of a tin can; packaging material triple coating thickness and the depth of decarburization of steel.