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Nikon LV upright compound microscopes

The latest Nikon microscope for metallography is the Nikon LV150NL. Nikon LV100ND Microscope
It is just one microscope in a range of uprights that has multiple observation modes - these being reflected and transmitted light illumination as standard with fluorescence and darkfield illumination as options.
It is ergonomically designed with easy focusing adjustable to either-side to suit right and left handed users.
It has an X/Y travel range of 50mm through 150mm
Now with LED illumination options and encoding of nosepieces, a combination can easily be constructed to suit
your exact requirements.

Its CFI60-2 objective lenses are leading edge minimizing the aberrations which reduce resolution.
The CFI60-2 objectives have advanced chromatic aberation technilogy coupled with amazing working distance.
This produces very high N.A. objectives with naturally coloured images faithful to the original sample even with digital imaging.
It offers the brightest darkfield image ever due to its new semi-apochromatic objective lens.
In ultra-low magnification the CFI60-2's depolarizer removes spot flare in low reflection specimens.Nikon LV150NA Upright Microscope

In short it is a solidly built, powerful and flexible all-rounder.

Nikon LV series upright compound microscope brochure