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Nikon Stereo microscopes

Nikon offers a huge range of stereo microscopes for all situations.
The range includes the binocular SMZ445 at the entry level which has a 3.5x zoom range and greenough optics and a multitude of accessories, followed by 
Nikon SMZ445 SMZ460 Stereo Microscopesthe SMZ745 binocular and trinocular options with 7.5x zoom and a large working distance of 115mm. 
The SMZ800 is a parallel optics design 8x zoom range with improved resolution
The SMZ1270 has a best in class zoom ratio of 12.7x and newly developed WF series objectives. These offer a wide and uniformly
bright viewfiled even at low magnification
A double nosepiece option allows not only a wide range of magnicifaction options but a switch between stereo position (stereo view)
to mono-position (on-axis view).
Working disctance with the Plan Apo 1x/WF is 70mm

Nikon SMZ745 & SMZ745T Stereo MicroscopesThese stereo microcopes can be used in many applications, including
Metallurgy, Metal manufacturing
Cracks and Failure Analysis
Syrface Examination
Composites, Fabirics/Textiles, Asbestos
Antennae, Telescope Optics
Microscelectronic, MEMS
Nikon SMZ800 Stereo Zoom Microscope Telecoms & Electronics
Mobile phones, shavers & watches
Implants & Protheses
Manual Examination

Nikon Stereo microscope brochure

The SMZ445 and SMZ460 are twin zooming objective optical systems with a 4.4:1 zoom range. They both feature a 100mm working distance in standard configuration and are excellent entry level stereo microscopes

The SMZ745 & SMZ745T have an impressive 7.5:1 zoom, ranging from 0.67x - 5x zoom magnification and a greenough optical system with a 115mm working distance in standard configuration. Nikon SMZ1270 Stereo Zoom Microscope

The SMZ800N has an 8:1 zoom range giving a base magnification of 10x-80x with improved resolution due to the parallel optics. Calibration is easy due to the inclusion of clicks stops.

The SMZ1270 has the best in class zoom range of 12.7:1 and with the latest WF series objectives and parallel optics you see sharp images through the viewfield due to high level chromatc aberration correction. There is also an option for on-axis observation that enables observation of the bottom of holes, and accurate simple measurement.

Nikon Stereo microscope brochure