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Nikon Microscopes

Metallographic Microscope


We have experience with all sorts of makes, models and types of microscope and know that customers, companies, even countries have their preferences.
So when working with a customer we listen to your needs, likes and dislikes before recommending a microscope solution.

That said, we have recently changed to offering Nikon microscopes to compliment the change that Clemex made a few years ago. Clemex Image Analysis solutions have been integrated within the Nikon intelligent components, so it is possible to have the software recognise changes with the objective nosepiece and more.

Nikon also have a extensive range of semiconductor microscopes

All of the microscopes we design for you are specific to your requirements. Even if two labs are performing the same test they may choose differing microscopes for examining their samples. For example, in the UK, most metallurgical testing labs use upright compound microscopes, however on the Continent and in certain parts of the USA, they favour inverted microscopes for the same tasks. So where multi-nationals are replicating labs across the globe, we find specifications can vary substantially.

Fortunately Nikon microscopes are not dissimilar in design to Lego kits. We select the components you need to create the tailor-made microscope you want.

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