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Biological microscopes

Olympus has continued its three pronged approach of system flexibility, ergonomic and imaging ithrough into its BX3 range of clinical microscopes. 

This means that high performace and productivity comes with greater user comfort, uncompromising quality and amazing versatility.

The BX3 microscope series are designed with clinical lab workflow in mind. They are modular and flexible capable of being easily adapted to many different procedures.

As with all Olympus microscopes, you are guaranteed world-class optics with the UIS2 optical system.

Its ranges of objectives and filters are each specifically designed for specific applications e.g. PLN objectives for histochemically stained specimens; UPFLN and SAPO objectives for pathology where a higher degree of chromatic correction is required, and no-cover objectives are ideal for observing smear specimens without a cover plate.

Naturally fluorite objectives are available across the range, although pathologists favour the UPLFLN and exquisite spectral apochromat (SAPO) series. These being at the cutting edge - ensuring spherical and chromatic aberration correction.

Using mixed-matrix brightfield LED technology, Olympus has developed true-colour LED lighting designed for the most commonly used stains (purple, blue and red).

This is great in terms of continuity and consistency, particulalry as halogen lamps vary tremendously as the power input changes. In addition, LEDs have very low running costs and are more environmentally friendly.

Our most popular model in this range is the compact, space-saving BX43.

Its rigid Y shaped frame coupled with easy to use front controls and colour-matched LED brightfield illumination makes it a great workhorse.
It can be a dedicated specialist or a flexible system.
It is perfect for long-term brightfield screening and can be extended for fluorescence.

Olympus BX43 brochure

Olympus biological microscopes brochure