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Clemex Multipurpose image analysis packages

Clemex have developed a comprehensive range of image analysis packages to suit all purposes and budgets.

Each package offers the same intuitive easy to use, flexible control system; provides outstanding image capture and characterizations and ensures reproducible results which are fully traceable. In addition, additional modules can added where specific applications are the mainstay of the workload, allowing further automation of the analysis process which frees up technicians for other important tasks.

Captiva is a sophisticated entry- level package offering an unlimited range of direct measurements and non-destructive annotation tools which delivers results in real time.

Vision Lite is an affordable yet flexible solution for labs needing automated solutions but without the budget for a fully automated system. It is ideal for repetitive applications and can be enhanced with additional application packages purpose-built for specific types of analysis such as grain sizing or layer thickness.

Vision PE is one of the most powerful multipurpose image analysis tools available. It is a fully integrated system ideal for high through-put labs seeking flexibility, efficiency and accuracy.

All of our software packages are available for demonstration on site, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange your demo.