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Clemex Captiva

Streamlined accurate image capturing and measuring

image analysis software

Clemex developed this sophisticated entry-level software for labs seeking a robust out-of-the-box imaging solution.
It is ideal for capturing images, using simple applications requiring non-destructive annotations and direct measurements and then sharing this information as data and reports.
As with all Clemex systems, it is easy to use, has almost limitless tools for direct measurement and annotation and produces reports and graphs automatically in real time.

In 3 simple steps you can capture images and have results:

Step 1 - Capture imagesimage analysis software
The Captiva system ensures impressive high definition image quality with its automated shading correction, exposure and calibration.
It also ensures a perfectly focussed image even when presented with an uneven surface thanks to its extended depth of field.
You can work with live feed images or save these and work from high-resolution saved copies.
It can automatically, seamlessly stitch multiple fields to create a composite mosaic image.

Step 2 Annotate and measure
You analyse the image using the wide variety of input annotation tools and variables. Captiva has additional features to help you focus on the areas of interest such as its centering tool which allows you to keep the desired feature in the centre of the image field when switching magnification; its magnifying glass which dynamically resizes areas of interest, being able to see the outline of the sample holder in the stage pattern window and adding a smart scale line which automatically display the correct reference length based on the magnification.

You can work on live or stored images which can be analysed together in a sequence.
When working on composite images stitched together, you can measure and annotate after stitching.
Everything is controlled from within the software.

Step 3 - Save images and results
Captiva automatically cumulates data and generates statistics and graphs in real time. However Images and data are easily exported to MS Office.
NIST-Traceable auto calibration verifies accuracy and confirms accuracy before each analysis. This data is also stored in your browser for easy access and download.

Clemex Captiva brochure