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Clemex Vision PE

Microscopy Image Analysis

Image Analysis

The most complete image analysis solution

microscopy image analysis
Clemex Vision PE is an intelligent image analysis system designed for multiple or complex applications. It simplifies the most difficult applications with its advanced toolset and obtains accurate measurements using its unique detection methods even in challenging applications.

Vision PE's exceptional range of digital functions makes it one of the most powerful multipurpose image analysis systems available. Flexibility and quicker analysis time are both achievable with this robust software system capable of processing thousands of images and generating data all day long without manual intervention.

It is ideal for labs seeking flexibility, efficiency and accurate results and thanks to Clemex's trademark intuitive, easy to learn software, you’ll be performing analyses within hours of setup.

With Vision PE you can have complex analysis results in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Capture imagesmicroscopy image analysis
Using Clemex's Ultra-high resolution USB-3 digital camera you can capture images quickly and easily with the Vision PE software controlling the camera. The system offers automated shading corrector and auto-exposure, plus an extended depth of field for uneven surfaces.You can view a 3D topography of your sample.

It automatically and seamlessly stitches multiple fields to form a composite mosaic image which can then be treated as a single image for measurements and annotation. It stores an unlimited number of calibration settings and automatically recalibrates before each analysis (storing the data for traceability). And you can acquire images from your scanner.

No other combination offers better precision, clarity and definition at such speed.

Step 2: Quantify imagesimage analysis software
Detect, characterise and measure phases or objects of interest quickly and easily. Writing an analysis routine is simply a matter of clicking on the actions you want in the tool box, Vision PE does the rest.
You can even create your own custom measurements.
The possibilities for image analysis application are limited only by your imagination.

Excellent image detection is ensured thanks to a host of features:
  • Contrast thresholding for transparent objects
  • Relative grey thresholding for objects on a variable sample background
  • Colour detection where detection based on grey shading is impossible
  • Being able to isolate intersecting elongated objects
  • Isolate object using any characteristic or measurement
  • Object tracking to validate measurements and eliminate artefacts from results
  • Create powerful methods using the toolbox containing over 100 instructions
  • An array of imaging instructions ensure excellent detection in low contrast images e.g. for analysing faint objects on a filter, thin-walled cells and variable thickness crystals.
In addition, you can work from live or saved images including both in the same analysis.

Step 3: Manage your results
You can validate your results easily in the data browser which links each measurement directly to the corresponding feature on the image.
You can store and print customisable reports, which Vision PE will then compile automatically when you run the routine.

Vision PE offers accurate and repeatable measurements based on unparalleled feature detection methods.
microscopy image analysis

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