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Specific image analysis packages

Clemex offer a a number of specialist image analysis packages which improve productivity for specific functions:

Their hardness testing software can be retro-fit onto virtually any system as well as a complete turn-key hardness testing system. The Clemex CMT Software is compliant with ASTM E384, ASTM E92, ASTM E10, ASTM E18, ASTM E140, ISO 4545, ISO 6506, ISO 6507 & ISO 6508

Their inclusion rating system is probably the fastest and most accurate on the market. Again the Clemex Inclusion Rating System is compliant with ASTM E45 Methods A, C, D, & E - ISO 4967 Methods A & B, DIN 50602 Methods M & K and JIS G 0555

The particle sizing system characterises particulates in a reliable and reproducible way with full data and image traceability. 

The particulate filter system is ideal for cleanliness testing and comes pre-loaded with the key international standards. Standards that the software is compliant with is ISO16232, ISO 4406 & ISO 4407, IEST STD CC1246 and USP788

The haematology software system is designed for rapid red and white blood cell counting and pre-classification.

All of our software packages are available for demonstration on site, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange your demo.