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Clemex inclusion rating system

Clemex has developed the fastest and probably the most reliable inclusion rating system on the market.Clemex inclusion rating system in accordance with ASTM E45 Methods A,C,D, & E
Designed specifically to meet increasingly demanding industry standards and spiralling corporate pressure for speed, repeatability and accuracy, the Clemex CIR system can analyze an area of any size in less than 3 minutes. It can analyse the standard 160 mm² in less than 2 minutes and display the results classified by heat and sample.
As with all Clemex software systems, the inclusion rating solution is intuitively easy to use. You'll be up and running analyses within a few hours of it being setup in your lab by our applications expert.

Samples can be analysed either mounted or unmounted.
Clemex can even design a sample holder specific to your requirements.
The useful auto-edge-detection feature ensures no time is wasted manually adjusting for the position of the sample within the mount.

CIR locates and maps inclusions occupying more than one field and counts them as individual inclusions so that worst fields can be easily identified and artefacts removed.
It offers enhanced image capture thanks to its auto-focus options for uneven samples; auto exposure and shading corrector. Naturally, it works a treat with the USB 3.0 superspeed camera.

Clemex inclusion rating automatically detects and classifies oxides and sulphides; allows different heats to be analysed during the same run; eliminates spaces between multi-plate samples and ensures all inclusions are easily traceable.

In addition you can auto-create patterns in a matter of seconds which you can save and reload just as quickly.

All of which means that your inclusion rating analysis will be faster, more consistent and reliable.

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