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Automatic hardness testing and analysis - Clemex CMT.HD

The Clemex CMT.HD is probably the best fully automatic micro- and macro-hardness testing solution on the market.hardness testing

If you need intelligent workflow: i.e. set up the traverse pattern and leave the equipment to auto-focus, measure and report without further input, then this is the system for you.

In 4 easy steps you can set precision indent patterns thanks to CMT.HD's integrated macro-view analysis and layout tools.

In addition to standard patterns, you can create and save up to 99 patterns of your own each with up to 32000 indents.
This means that no matter the shape or size of your sample, it can be tested in reliable, accurate and repeatable way.

Step 1 - place the sample in the holder and click to acquire the macro view.hardness testing

A high definition image of the sample appears on screen no-matter the size of the sample.
Options include an aerial view, close-ups and a global view
This enables you to set up multiple reference points for traverse patterns.

Step 2 - select or create traverse patterns or recall and alter previous ones.
hardness tester

You can use the conveniently located annotation tools to find the centre of the sample, draw straight and parallel lines, add ticker marks, produce multi-directional patterns and create indent traverses at a certain distance from the sample edge.

Or simply use the Free-run function and an automatic pattern will be created and processed in the results window.

Step 3 - click and walk away.

hardness tester
CMT.HD will follow the patterns created, auto-calibrating and re-focusing itself as it does so, leaving the operator free for other tasks.
The system's 1.3 megapixel camera produces high resolution images which surpass the detail of any of its rivals by over 300%.
The indent diagonals are based on the precision stage micrometer. Together these, features ensure the sharpest images and finest detail micro-hardness testing.
Measurements are repeatable because the software controls focus at 0.1micron steps, corrects shading and the lightsource regardless of the number of indents.
Its auto-detection capabilities mean that the CMT.HD can measure indents on any sample surface be they etched, roughly polished or clean.

Step 4 - get the results.

These are available in tabular or graphical format, and can be exported to your own spreadsheet package or the purpose built custom reporting package.
hardness tester

In addition to its perfectly accurate, repeatable hardness testing, CMT provides you with the tools to conduct: grain size analysis, analyse particles, calculate phase area percentage and evaluate layer thickness of multiple layers.

hardness tester

Naturally, in addition to its unrivalled accuracy, this range of hardness testing system is fully ASTM E 384 and DIN/ISO 6507 compliant. It also has multiple samples holders with and without testing blocks, and vices to hold unmounted samples.

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