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Clemex hematology

White blood count differential and red blood count characterization

hematology software system

Clemex HemaCyto is a hematology specific microscopy system used in the analysis of peripheral blood. It can analyse blood smears, perform pre-classification of white blood cells (WBC), characterize red blood cells (RBC) and count platelets all at the same time.hematology software system

As with all Clemex applications it is fast, intuitive, easy to use and requires minimal user intervention. All of which means that it improves lab productivity by freeing up specialists and obtaining reliable results faster. Putting some numbers around that - it can examine a blood smear in just 2.5 minutes.

Clemex HemaCyto standardises the analysis of WBC using image analysis software, which captures the cell characteristics (texture, colour, shape and size).
It locates leukocytes and displays the cells on a single screen for easy comparison.

A typical cell image can easily be located and shared between colleagues aiding validation of diagnosis and prioritisation of emergencies.

All results, both images and details of the analyses are traceable and linked to the patient's file by barcoding.

You can choose from the single slide automated system, the 8 slide automated system or opt for the fully-automated 40 slide throughput model.

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