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Clemex particle sizing system

Reproducible particle size and shape image analysis

Clemex particle size and shape image analysisClemex developed its particle size analysis (PSA) solution to meet a growing demand for particle characterization analysis.
The resulting self-contained, turn-key PSA tool uses optical microscopy to ensure accurate size and shape measurements which are reliable and reproducible.
Thanks to its high level of automation (the PSA system can handle up to 280 slides in a single run), the system can be a high through-put machine with minimal operator involvement.

It is a simple three step process:Clemex particle size and shape image analysis

1. Load the sample holder
The software can accept any pattern of stage movement through x-y-z.
The initial calibration set at the start of the run can be revalidated at any time, and its results logged and stored alongside the data.

The Clemex powder disperser is a stand-alone unit which breaks up agglomerations of particles without damaging the particles themselves to enable easy observation under the microscope.

2. Run
All the activities are controlled through the software automatically and recorded for traceability
Every particle's data is captured in their most mechanically stable position. Then stored in the unique data browser and linked to the corresponding field of view.
Particles of interest can be isolated by categorising them by any attribute (size, shape, colour, texture or opaqueness). Objects can be isolated, categorised or eliminated.
Crossed fibres are treated as individual particles with each being assigned a size and shape. The system is fully capable of accurately measuring elongated crystals, acicular or irregular shaped objects.

Object detection is accurate as the system uses a relative grey threshold for particles on a variable sample background, or colour detection where grey shading is not appropriate, and uses contrast thresholding for detection of transparent items. Everything is picked up in a single run.

3. Generate report
Reports are automatically generated on customised templates using the automatically saved data. 
You choose how you want the results analysed and classified.
See typical example analyses of elongated ibuprofen crystals; calcium particle sizes, and angularity of synthetic diamonds.

Clemex particle size analysis brochure

Clemex Powder Disperser brochure