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Clemex particulate filter system

The cutting edge solution for cleanliness analysis

Clemex particulate filter system in accordance with ISO 16232, ISO 4406 ISO 4407, IEST CC1246D, USP 788
Clemex produced the particulate filter system as a turn-key tool for characterising cleanliness, offering detail or speed and conforming to international standards. Clemex particulate filter system in accordance with ISO 16232, ISO 4406 ISO 4407, IEST CC1246D, USP 788
Using image analysis for particulate characterization, you gain a complete understanding of the sample and generate statistically significant data. And unlike Laser Particulate Counting (LPC) the results are reproducible.

Like all of its specific analysis tools, it is highly intuitive to use, has automated shading corrector and exposure and is easy to calibrate. In three easy steps you will have customised analyses and reports.

Step 1: Load the samples
Clemex PSFilter accepts a variety of sample materials including: membrane filters, wafers, tape lifts and gel packs.
Using specialised holders and an automated stage the software-controlled micro- or macro-scope can scan and map the sample in a few minutes.

Step 2: Select the standard to be applied and the analysis desired
Using pull-down menus, choose from the preprogrammed international standards such as ISO4406/4407, ISO16232, IEST-STD-CC1246D and USP788 or add in-house standards ones.

There is an endless variety stage patterns including circular patterns for filters and wafers. You either select a pattern or create (and save) one of your own.

Large fibres and small dirt particles are identified in a single step.
As each field is analysed, particles are measured and sorted based on their size, morphology, elevation, composition or colour with the corresponding data sheets being updated simultaneously. Objects can be isolated on any attribute. Find all relevant particles with the click of a button. Or measure only the particles that interest you by setting properties and parameters specific to your needs.

Step 3: Get your results
In just a few minutes, once the analysis is completed and validated, reports are available to be printed.
Speed versus detail
If speed is your priority, then use PSFilter with a microscope for results of particles of 5 microns and above. Or Clemex Production PSFilter for a fixed magnification pre-calibrated instrument for particulates of 10 microns and over. It requires approximately 3 minutes to complete a 47mm filter.
If fine detail is more important, then using a microscope with PSFilter will show particles of 0.5 microns and above.

In terms of automation, PSFilter will run up to 6 samples automatically without user intervention.

Clemex Cleanliness Analysis by ISO 16232 brochure
Clemex Cleanliness Analysis by ISO 4406/4407 brochure
Clemex Cleanliness Analysis by USP788 brochure
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