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Microscope Servicing

Microscope Servicing is recommended to ensure you continue to see what you need.

Our qualified team of engineers provide a range of servicing options for most types of microscopes and repairs.

Microscope servicing schedules can be based on annual visits or include additional visits through the year

A typical service visit will include

+ A discussion to determine any problems that have been appearing

+ An inspection of the microscope and noting of the current settings so that they can be further discussed

+ Deconstruct the microscope into its basic constituent parts, so that mechanical and electric components can be visually inspected

+ Clean and subsequently grease moving parts of the microscope

+ Clean all objectives and eyepieces and other optical surfaces

+ Re assemble microscope and ensure the customer is satisfied

+ Attach a service tag detailing service date and next service due date.

+ Issue a service report detailing all observations and possible future issues

+ Quote for any additional work required.

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