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Motorised stages and controllers

You can simplify the analysis of multiple fields with high precision automated stage and focus automation tools.motorised stages

We recommend those manufactured by Märzhäuser as they are totally compatible with Clemex software.

They are highly flexible enabling you to: determine the sample origin; set the number of fields to analyse; establish specific autofocus fields, or opt for a linear focus for sloping samples.

They are available in a wide range of sizes for both upright and inverted microscopes and for single or multiple slide apertures, there is sure to be one to fit your exact requirements.

Scan Series (Upright) 100x100 brochure
Scan Series (Inverted) IM 120x80 brochure

In addition Märzhäuser offer a wide range of supplementary fine focus motorization drive tools to complement their stages.

motorised stagesContact us for more information and to discuss your needs.

Tango controller

For high volume testing in demanding settings, the Tango auto-focus and stage automation kit is the ideal solution for the rapid analysis of multiple fields and samples.

Its high resolution step motor control enables you to control up to four axes whilst being accurate to sub-micron ranges.

For manual operation, choose from the highly sensitive joystick, handwheel, trackball or ergodrive.

It is modular in design, so you can choose to add the auto-focus and/or the motorised stage control interface to any of Clemex's imaging software solutions.

motorised stages It has plug and play functionality which segues into any Clemex application for intuitive stage control. This enables you to easily set-up and save multiple stage patterns.

You can also take advantage of Clemex software features such as image stitching, 3D image reconstruction, 3D rendering and object tracking.
It is compatible with all Windows systems including Windows 7 (32/64 bit).

No cooling fan is required due to it being extremely energy efficient.

Tango controller brochure