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microscope illumination The right lighting is the key to enhancing contrast so that the features of the sample are illuminated.

We recommend Schott illumination for its outstanding quality, design, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

LEDs offer long life, energy efficiency, non-flickering light and neutral light. In terms of benefits: cold source LED illumination operating costs are 70-80% less than their halogen equivalent, saving hundreds of pounds every year.

However, there are benefits from combining LEDs and fibre optic light guides:
  • Using both lighting methods enables the user to concentrate more light on the sample.
  • LED housings tend to be bulkier than those of their halogen cousins which can restrict handling and the field of view. 
  • Halogen light guides offer the complete range of illumination techniques e.g. incident light darkfield or transmitted light brightfield.
Hence we offer both fibre optic and LED lighting products tailored to meet the needs and preferences of the customer. Armed with accessories to fit all microscopes old and new we are confident that we can brighten up your workspace.

For stereo microscopy consider our EasyLED options.
When needing to optimise contract in stereo and macroscopy VisiLED is ideal.
For LCD light sources consider the KL series designed to suit every need.

LED light sources

EasyLED systems

microscope illumination The EasyLED series is an innovative illumination solution designed especially for stereo-microscopy and fits virtually all microscopes.

By combining high brightness LEDs with controller electronics into the head of the illuminator, workbench space is saved whilst maintaining comfortable and easy operation.

Continuous dimming with a separate on-off switch enable settings to be kept for the following day's use.

The DC-driven light is neutral white and completely flicker-free ensuring excellent colour fidelity for digital cameras.

Due to the fanless design, these machines are both quiet and vibration-free so can be used in clean-room spaces as well as on the shop-floor.

The robust metal housings and well designed heat sinks optimise brightness and offer long lifetimes of over 30,000 hours.

microscope illumination

Available as:

Ringlights with 45 LEDs and a range of working distances from 55-135mm.

Transmitted light stages which can be easily retro-fit onto incident light bases and give a 50mm diameter illuminated area.

Spot illuminators which have a compact controller, easy adaption at goosenecks and artcilauted arms.

EasyLED brochure

VisiLED systems

VisiLEDs are the best option for contrasting in stereo microscopy and macroscopy. They are light weight, high intensity and maintain nearly constant colour temperature when dimming. With high reliability of LEDs, up to 30,000 operational hours can be achieved.

VisiLEDs have continuous dimming to control illumination levels. Brightfield and darkfield can be combined. Alternatively, combining incident light with transmitted light allows targeted light mixes needed for demanding research and testing environments.

VisiLED can memorise illumination parameters which can be quickly and easily changed to offer set lighting configurations at the touch of a key.

The excellent controllability of VisiLED with its pre-set segment illumination modes enables a quick switch from shadow-free-circle illumination to soft-shadow half circle, or strongly directional lighting. You have complete flexibility to creating the lighting mis to optimise contrast of the surface of your sample.

microscope illuminationmicroscope illuminationVisiLED Systems

VisiLED brochure

LCD light sources

We have four versatile machines in our cold source LCD lighting range, all with a wide range of light guides, colour filters, polarizers and focussing accessories.

microscopy lighting

microscopy lighting The KL200 is the smallest in the range suitable for general microscopy and macroscopy lighting.

It operates silently and without vibration, so can be used in any lab environment.

It provides effective 20-watt halogen cold source lighting in a small unit.

It is controlled via a 3-step intensity control. Lamp replacement is quick, easy and safe.

The KL1500 Compact is designed specifically for stereo-microscopy.

microscopy lighting It has a 150 watt halogen cold light source fan-cooled by a low noise fan.

schott illuminators

It has a continuous dimming facility with light uniformity through the light guides.

Its continuous mechanical dimming enables a contact colour-temperature.

By contrast, the step-less electronic intensity control optimises the life of the halogen lamp.

schott illuminators The KL1500 LCD is a market leader in terms of performance for a 150-watt halogen lamp for stereo microscopy and macroscopy.

schott illuminators It offers homogeneous light output.

Has variable light option controls.

Easy-to change bulb and filter slide mechanisms.

The KL2500 LCD offers the benchmark in cold source halogen units. schott illuminators

Fitted with a 250-watt cold light reflector lamp, it transmits more than twice the light of the KL1500 LCD.

The KL2500LCD is equipped with a 5-position filter wheel ensuring quick and simple filter changes.

In addition to the the features of the KL1500 LCD, this unit can take lightguides up to 15mm in diameter so is ideal for special

applications such as GFP fluorescence microscopy and incident darkfield illumination.

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