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microscope illumination The right lighting is the key to enhancing contrast so that the features of the sample are illuminated.

We recommend Schott illumination for its outstanding quality, design, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

LEDs offer long life, energy efficiency, non-flickering light and neutral light. In terms of benefits: cold source LED illumination operating costs are 70-80% less than their halogen equivalent, saving hundreds of pounds every year.

However, there are benefits from combining LEDs and fibre optic light guides:
  • Using both lighting methods enables the user to concentrate more light on the sample.
  • LED housings tend to be bulkier than those of their halogen cousins which can restrict handling and the field of view. 
  • Halogen light guides offer the complete range of illumination techniques e.g. incident light darkfield or transmitted light brightfield.
Hence we offer both fibre optic and LED lighting products tailored to meet the needs and preferences of the customer. Armed with accessories to fit all microscopes old and new we are confident that we can brighten up your workspace.

For stereo microscopy consider our EasyLED options.
When needing to optimise contract in stereo and macroscopy VisiLED is ideal.
For LCD light sources consider the KL series designed to suit every need.