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LCD light sources

We have four versatile machines in our cold source LCD lighting range, all with a wide range of light guides, colour filters, polarizers and focussing accessories.

microscopy lighting

microscopy lighting The KL200 is the smallest in the range suitable for general microscopy and macroscopy lighting.

It operates silently and without vibration, so can be used in any lab environment.

It provides effective 20-watt halogen cold source lighting in a small unit.

It is controlled via a 3-step intensity control. Lamp replacement is quick, easy and safe.

The KL1500 Compact is designed specifically for stereo-microscopy.

microscopy lighting It has a 150 watt halogen cold light source fan-cooled by a low noise fan.

schott illuminators

It has a continuous dimming facility with light uniformity through the light guides.

Its continuous mechanical dimming enables a contact colour-temperature.

By contrast, the step-less electronic intensity control optimises the life of the halogen lamp.

schott illuminators The KL1500 LCD is a market leader in terms of performance for a 150-watt halogen lamp for stereo microscopy and macroscopy.

schott illuminators It offers homogeneous light output.

Has variable light option controls.

Easy-to change bulb and filter slide mechanisms.

The KL2500 LCD offers the benchmark in cold source halogen units. schott illuminators

Fitted with a 250-watt cold light reflector lamp, it transmits more than twice the light of the KL1500 LCD.

The KL2500LCD is equipped with a 5-position filter wheel ensuring quick and simple filter changes.

In addition to the the features of the KL1500 LCD, this unit can take lightguides up to 15mm in diameter so is ideal for special

applications such as GFP fluorescence microscopy and incident darkfield illumination.

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