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LED light sources

EasyLED systems

microscope illumination The EasyLED series is an innovative illumination solution designed especially for stereo-microscopy and fits virtually all microscopes.

By combining high brightness LEDs with controller electronics into the head of the illuminator, workbench space is saved whilst maintaining comfortable and easy operation.

Continuous dimming with a separate on-off switch enable settings to be kept for the following day's use.

The DC-driven light is neutral white and completely flicker-free ensuring excellent colour fidelity for digital cameras.

Due to the fanless design, these machines are both quiet and vibration-free so can be used in clean-room spaces as well as on the shop-floor.

The robust metal housings and well designed heat sinks optimise brightness and offer long lifetimes of over 30,000 hours.

microscope illumination

Available as:

Ringlights with 45 LEDs and a range of working distances from 55-135mm.

Transmitted light stages which can be easily retro-fit onto incident light bases and give a 50mm diameter illuminated area.

Spot illuminators which have a compact controller, easy adaption at goosenecks and artcilauted arms.

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VisiLED systems

VisiLEDs are the best option for contrasting in stereo microscopy and macroscopy. They are light weight, high intensity and maintain nearly constant colour temperature when dimming. With high reliability of LEDs, up to 30,000 operational hours can be achieved.

VisiLEDs have continuous dimming to control illumination levels. Brightfield and darkfield can be combined. Alternatively, combining incident light with transmitted light allows targeted light mixes needed for demanding research and testing environments.

VisiLED can memorise illumination parameters which can be quickly and easily changed to offer set lighting configurations at the touch of a key.

The excellent controllability of VisiLED with its pre-set segment illumination modes enables a quick switch from shadow-free-circle illumination to soft-shadow half circle, or strongly directional lighting. You have complete flexibility to creating the lighting mis to optimise contrast of the surface of your sample.

microscope illuminationmicroscope illuminationVisiLED Systems

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