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Affri Rockwell Hardness Testers RSD

The digital entry level for Rockwell Testing is the 206RSD.

hardness testers Each machine is robust and very easy to use and produces a fast and accurate hardness measurement

Load forces: from 3 to 187,5 kgf (From 29,42 to 1839 N)
Rockwell ISO 6508 / ASTM E-18: HRA - HRB - HRC - HRD - HRF - HRG - HRL - HRM - HRR  /  HRN - HRT
Brinell HBWT ISO 6506 / ASTM E-10: HB 30 - HB 10 - HB 5 MPa (F/D2)
Vickers ISO 6507 / ASTM E-384 (Only indentation): HV3 - HV10 - HV15 - HV30 - HV60 - HV100
Semi-automatic hardness testers for Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers hardness test methods in compliance with ASTM and ISO standards. RSD Series are bench hardness testers for tough or lab applications. Rockwell and Brinell HBTW hardness values with absolute accuracy (better than 0.5 %) in every condition, accurate measurements even on the first test will eliminate the need for repeated tests. Load forces are applied through a dynamometric load cell which eliminates problems associated with dead weight systems on traditional testers. Digital durometers with LCD screen, user friendly interface, real time statistics, graphs and large archive storage. Hardness testing on all metals: iron, steel, tempered steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, copper and metal alloys. Heat treatment, hardening, nitriding, cementation and hardfacing.