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Stereo microscopes

For low magnification microscopy, Olympus offer two stereo microscope ranges: the SZ2 and SZX2 series.

The SZ2 is a simple stereo solution offering sharp, high-contrast 3D images with natural colour fidelity.
It combines this high performance with comfort thanks to its Comfortview eyepieces which allow your eyes to focus more quickly and move naturally giving natural agreeable vision.

Olympus SZ2 series (SZ51, SZ61, SZX7) stereo microscope brochure

The SZX10 & 16 comprise microscopes designed both with the flexibility and sensitivity to suit the most demanding of research projects,
yet with the robust efficiency needed for the testing lab workhorse.

The zoom ratio of the SZX16 is now a world leading 16.4:1. With parfocal objectives, it can go from 3.5x to 230x seamlessly. That's an effectiveness zoom ratio of 65.7:1.

An Olympus correction ring means that the objective lens can obtain sharp images even through 5mm of water or plastic. This is a first for a stereo microscope.

Distortion-free plan objectives can be used to correct doming distortion errors typically found in stereo microscopes.

The SXZ10 can be set with up maximised depth of field to minimise the amount of refocusing needed on routine tasks.

The tilting tube allows comfortable viewing from either seated or standing position.

Starting with the research based SZX16 or the testing based SZX10, we can tailor the microscope to fit your exact needs and to be flexible enough to suit a dynamic working environment.

Olympus SZX2 series (SZX10 & SZX16) microscope brochure