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Affri Universal Hardness Testers Integral 2, 3, 5

hardness testers The Integral 2, 3, 5  - The hardness tester’s head moves down until contact is made, clamps the piece, applies the force and make the indentation. The software will move to the camera view mode where the indent is automatically measured.

Load forces are applied through load cells and electronically controlled in "Closed Loop" with a frequency of 1 khz, assuring perfect linearity in every range. Results are not affected by any structural deflection, misalignment, vibration or problems associated with dead weight systems on traditional testers.

When testing unstable samples or deflective parts, the AFFRI System will follow the sample without losing contact. Accurate measurements on the first test, even in extreme conditions, eliminate the need for multiple repeated tests. The R&R data is at the top of its class.

A working table that supports masses beyond 3000 kg and special fixtures or anvils permits steady hardness measurements on bulky and irregular test pieces which cannot be easily reached by the regular bench hardness testers. It also offers a comfortable working base for small pieces.

Up to 7 slots for different hardness scales indenters, different zoom optics and even a milling surface preparation tool. Auto-rotating and auto-tool-switching for a complete automatic measurement cycle. For single or multi hardness test methods using only one tester.

For automatic multi-indentation measurement cycles. The user can program and set the number of indents to be performed and the related movement of the X/Y table before each indent.

The Auto Focus performs an automatic focus adjustment for the selected optic with precise positioning at any magnification. This system reduce reading time thus assures high reading accuracy.
Test loads: from 1 to 3000 kgf (from 9,807 to 29421 N)
Brinell ISO 6506 / ASTM E-10: HBW1/1 - HBW1/2,5 - HBW1/5 - HBW1/10 - HBW1/30 - HBW2,5/6,25 - HBW2,5/15,625 - HBW2,5/31,25 - HBW2,5/62,5 - HBW2,5/187,5 - HBW5/25 - HRW5/62,5 - HBW5/125 - HBW5/250 - HBW5/750 - HBW10/100 - HBW10/250 - HBW10/500 - HBW10/1000 - HBW10/1500 - HBW10/3000
Vickers ISO 6507 / ASTM E-384: HV1 - HV3 - HV5 - HV10 - HV15 - HV20 - HV30 - HV60 - HV100
Rockwell ISO 6508 / ASTM E-18: HRA - HRB - HRC - HRD - HRG - HRL - HRM - HRR - HRS - HRX - HRZ  /  HRN - HRT
Universal hardness tester for automatic Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Shore and CHD test methods in compliance with ASTM and ISO hardness standards. Integral is a top level bench hardness tester for fully automatic test cycles. It is entirely motorized and equipped with an automatic turret with indenters and magnification lenses for indent auto-reading after indentation. This multifunctional turret allows multiple tests in different hardness scales with just one tester, without the need to change indenters or lenses when changing hardness method. Load forces are applied through load cells and electronically controlled in Closed Loop (Pat. Affri). The exact hardness result on the first test and R&R data are at the top of its class, absolute accuracy (better than 0.5 %) in every condition. Integral 1 has a large fixed base and a motorized head with long vertical stroke. Wide touchscreen and a user friendly interface for ease in test planning and a clear view of results. Statistics and diagrams are automatically generated and can be stored with test sessions in the large archive. Hardness tests on all metals: iron, steel, tempered steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, copper and metal alloys. Heat treatment, hardening, nitriding, cementation and hardfacing. Hard and soft plastics.