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Vickers Macro Hardness Testers

For high-resolution evaluation measurement the Matsuzawa Vickers macro hardness testers are ideal. vickers hardness testers

It comes with an LED lightsource as standard which enables viewing under high magnification whilst allowing for low contrast.

As with the whole range of Matsuzawa products, there is the colour tough screen control panel.

You simply choose from 6 different testing modes e.g. Knoop Hardness. The machine also has an Assist-mode where it will identify the optimum test mode for the sample concerned.

It can cope with a load range of between 300g and 50 kg and has a auto-correct mode for indenting cylinders and spheres.

Its turret can house up to 4 objective lenses. If motorised, the turret will select the most appropriate magnification for the indent.

This Japanese equipment is robust, reliable and available with the Knoop indentor option.

Matsuzawa Vickers macro hardness testers brochure