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Welcome to Aptex

Supplying the metallurgical image analysis and materialographic sample preparation industries

We offer a one-stop shop and a bespoke service to meet all your sample testing and analysis needs. 

Our microscopy imaging systems suit the needs of all metallurgical and materialographic destructive testing laboratories. With solutions ranging from basic sample image capture with a scale bar to bespoke robotic microstructure and analysis solutions.

We supply superb optical imaging systems for metallurgical, materialographic and biological laboratories

And we have a wide range of sample preparartion equipment to suit every situation.

Our outstanding range of metallurgical and materialographic preparation consumables and accessories offer you cost effective, sample preparation routes which are quick, reliable and repeatable.

Our highly experienced technical team are always on hand to help you improve quality cost-effectively.


Customer achieves “phenomenal results” with aluminium sample

A customer swapped from a Struers OPS aluminium sample preparation route to using our Aka-Lube Red lubricant with colloidal silica and an Aka-Chemal cloth. They told us:  “The result on our aluminium samples is phenomenal”.

Call us to discuss how we can help you achieve phenomenal results.


Consumables Case Study

Fine grinding improved with huge cost savings


A UK customer was using a hard nylon fine grinding cloth for their 2nd stage of preparation. The number of samples being processed was approximately 100 per day and this type of cloth was lasting about 1 day.


With the introduction of the Aka-Allegran-3, using exactly the same parameters, not only were the results similar from this stage but the Aka-Allegran-3 lasted on average 14 days. This meant that the operators were changing less cloths and not having to adhere them to steel backings which pleased them, and also the overall result was a cost saving in the order of 75%.

Aka-Allegran-3 Details